Gearing-up for the next level of

Collaborative Business Creativity

We are trying to build something new...


on purpose...with passion...

with likeminded stakeholders...

Sponsors, Problem Solvers and Partners

Let's Design, Run and Explore a series of workshops/sprints & innovation events together!

We will create the environment for co-learning


*stay tuned, more themes to follow like 'Business Model Design for Circular Economy'

*STEP 1 - Gearing Up...

Experience the MQ! Innovation Summit 2018 run by Audi on November 8th and 9th!

#neverstopquestioning -

"MQ! The Mobility Quotient is a platform that was established by Audi last year in order to find out whether we can explore flexibility and thereby, measure mobility.Can we define and over the long term establish a mobility quotient?Which dimensions of mobility could have an impact on it?Are there more dimensions than social, spatial, sustainable or temporal mobility?"

This step is not strictly required but recommended as excellent source of inspiration. (Participation at the Summit is at your own cost)

*STEP 2 - Take the Challenge...

Inspired by the Summit and with Cross-Industry Pollination in mind let's co-create on the design & preparation of your version of MQ!

"MQ! Hubs is an example about bringing the idea of the MQ! to the outside world. Selection of some of the workspaces of the MQ! Innovation Summit and conduct them in different settings, such as congresses, festivals, etc."

This step will be the real start of our journey together with the Sponsors

  • Sponsors are supposed to bring their Problems, Pains& Opportunities as also Business Knowledge and Leadership Support to take decisions.
  • In return for a subscription fee, we will take care of Experts, Logistics Support and an established facilitation, guided by experienced coaches and build on proven frameworks

*STEP 3 - Harvest...

Now we are ready to run the MQ! Hub sessions with curated teams and make them collaborative learning moments for all stakeholders

We will be all rewarded with Co-Learning moments. The concept is setup to harvest ideas, insights and sometimes even validated concepts



Connect, Inspire, Engage, Nurture and bridge all kinds of problem solvers like Tech & Business Experts, Thought Leaders, Artists & Creatives, Facilitators & Coaches

Bring them all together in curated teams, even bridging corporates, startups and Users


We like creative digital-first spaces, engaging online sessions combined with live in-person events like sprints or innovation festivals, what about you?

We are ambassadors of digital collaboration platforms like Google Jamboard / G Suite and SaaS Platform Mural


Frameworks: Design Thinking, Lean, Agile, Circular, New Business& Revenue Models

Engagement/Exploring Formats: Jams, Workshops, Sprints, Hackathons

Learning: on-demand, on-the-job, blended, live micro-learning moments, social corporate learning


The Agency, ready to invest in digital transformation & New Channels

Insights Seekers in search for ext. experts/user feedback

Experts/Creatives looking for knowledge exposure

Facilitators in pursuit of continious process improvement

"Agencies everywhere, can you imagine the positive impact on your workflow if you could more often valorise remote resources from your dispersed teams avoiding ascending travel expences? Here we will practise the culture of digital design collaboration and learn about the advantages of umbiquitous video conferencing & digital whiteboarding"

"For Insights Seekers, what if you could receive in-the-moment learning experiences? Remote collaboration experts will share their experiences on how to start"

"Interested in hiring a Remote Design Sprint Facilitator? We take care of everything"

"Hello Expert, always dreamed about giving a lightning talk about your favourite topic? You can now inspire sprint teams remotely and help them at the start of their journey? Let's make it happen together"

"Hi Facilitator, what if you could engage your participants even before the session starts or extend your contact with clients, post-session and be enabled for better follow-up? Let's learn how to setup micro-workshops in digital format"

Will you join us for this journey? Take the On-boarding Questionnaire.

Tell us what your interests are while eventually also sharing your own questions, we are very curious!


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P A R T N E R' S L O G O' S W I L L S H O W U P H E R E S O O N

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